Wednesday, November 28, 2007 coming along ...

Development continues on at a fairly good pace. The site is geared towards connecting my chess initiatives (blog, forums, grandmaster match collection, computer chess tools, videos, etc) in a streamlined process to allow for one link that will access everything. While it is a slow process, it is definitely fun!

One of the main hurdles currently is obtaining the ability to generate tactical positions on the site server for image linking on the forums. We are experiencing challenges getting the forums to display java-related information. An alternative is to have a tool on the site that will allow visitors to enter positional data and then have the server generate an image which can be placed into the forum posts. In the long-run I would like to be able to have visitors upload entire PGNs with annotations which can be displayed in the forums as well in a graphical manner.

This stuff is all new to me, and I would like to thank Christian for helping me out in this endevour. Hopefully sooner rather than later we will have something up that meets one or both of our goals. If you know of a solution, we would absolutely love to hear about it!

If you visit the site you will see how construction is coming along.


Christian said...

Glad to assist. I'd love to get jspgnviewer to work on Blogspot, as seen on WordPress here. Alternatively, there is Chess Publisher, seen in action on Blogspot blogs here and here. We'll figure it out eventually ;)

Thunderhead27 said...

i like the new updates, keep up the good work!!!