Saturday, November 10, 2007

King's Gambit

Recently, Kingscrusher has been video-annotating the 11-0 sweep of Fischer in the '64 U.S. Championship (and I highly recommend his videos). While watching the game against Evans, Fischer employed the King's Gambit opening and won what seemed to me to be a creative and energetic game.

After watching, I played a few blitz games using this opening and have found the games to be a fun departure from the typical 1 e4 e5 games, which sometimes can result in symmetrical positions that are less interesting. The Gambit actually seems to have a fairly high success rate. I have noticed in my games that the system allows for:

1. White to take control of the center
2. Wild and Sharp play for both sides
3. and it has something of surprise value since it is infrequently played.

I have actually found this opening both fun and useful!
Although I do not offer my analysis as masterful, I have put up a couple of games that have some useful tips and ideas.
Check out video #1
Here you can watch Video #2, which I think may be more instructive (at least on how NOT to play against the gambit):


jrobi said...

I enjoy Kingcrusher's videos as well, and this opening is definitely capable of some exciting play. Looking forward to further exploration on your end. Excellent post Slatts!

Anonymous said...

i want to say it was a god game but i think it would be better to put the knight on b5 insted of d5 because it attacks c7 as you said but you also can dobble his pawn with Nxd6 and if hh moves the bishop you just play Nxc7.

Slatts said...

Yeah, anon, Nb5 is actually the line suggested by my computer program. Thanks for watching!