Saturday, November 17, 2007

Taser Murder in Canada

Generally I keep this blog totally chess related, but as a Canadian I was absolutely disgusted by the recent taser death in one of our international airports. It boggles my mind how anyone could try and justify what these cops did after watching this video.

Here is the video of 4 Canadian RCMP members ending the life of an innocent man who spoke no English, and was just waiting to meet his mom at the airport. It turns out he was at the wrong area to meet her and was waiting for 10 hours, but that mistake cost him his life, and for what? Absolutely nothing. The police involved need to stand trial for manslaughter. Don't get me wrong, I support the police usually 110% but this was not police work, this was murder. As horrible as the event was, I am glad that a citizen caught it on video tape, and fought for the right to obtain his video after the police confiscated it to make it public for people to see what really happened.

Yes the man was upset and agitated, but he did not need to get tasered, and then have someone sit on his neck with their knee while tasered again. This man made no aggressive move to the cops whatsoever, and was outnumbered 4-1. The cops made the decision to use violent force, and they did not need to do that.

I support our police in general, but these cops need to be held responsible for killing this man. They didn't even try CPR when they realized he was not breathing. Pathetic.

A Polish Man's Trip to Canada

Where has my mother gone?
She said she would be here.
2 hours now completely alone,
People staring as if I were queer;

I don't understand anyone here,
Their chatter is like a busted T.V.;
4 hours alone, no one but me,
Mother might be lost I fear;

I just want to see her face,
To hug her and get away;
6 hours alone is a very long day
In this god-forsaken place.

I am getting a bit annoyed,
The flight was more than enough;
8 hours now watching bags deployed
Will cause anyone to get in a huff.

Something must be really wrong
Can't they see I need to talk?
10 hours here is far too long,
This day just needs to stop.

Finally! Here comes some cops!


Anonymous said...

Omg that's horrible! So one mistaken crime in Canada can cost you your life??

jrobi said...

The sad part about this incident is the man did not commit a crime, and did not get aggressive to the police whatsoever. These cops were not acting like cops, and are not representative of our police force here. They need to stand trial for what they did.

frank said...

If you look closely at the video you will see the man had nothing in his hands! And he was complying with the orders they were giving him! Tasers should be outlawed not only in Canada but the US as well and the entire world. I checked the internet and found that anyone can buy a Taser for as little as $10.00!

jrobi said...

Totally agree Frank - they should be banned - and if they're not banned they should be legislated in a big way so that the police can only use them under very certain circumstances.

There is no reason that man had to be tasered. He was not being confrontational to the police, and they outnumbered him 4-1 regardless. Quite sickening actually.

Anonymous said...

your blog is like refined sugar.