Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Video: Exploring www.letsplaychess.com / www.chessworld.net

I have found this site to be very good for positional analysis, and an excellent addition to live online play. Of course I will continue to play live servers online just as much as before, but this site helps one analyze the position without the worry of time controls, leading to better positional play in timed online games.

This video explores some of the features that I like, and is a general introduction. I plan on making an advanced features video at some point when I get more comfortable with the options available. To set up your account, visit this link and register. You can decide if you want to pay the low annual fee or if you just want to try a guest account at no charge.


Christian said...

Thanks for the tip. Nifty new intro screen there, by the way.

Anonymous said...

It is a very good correspondence chess website if you're a paying member. Only problem is that when you're looking to play for free, you'll be very restricted in options/games. I played in a welcoming tournament when I first joined for free and later got to play for my country, (which I found a really nice feature). But after that it was pretty much over with the fun. I couldn't join a tournament or play rated games anymore.

If you're not looking to spend money on playing chess (20-25$ may not be too much but some people have their principles, or if you already have a paid account on a online server like playchess it's understandable you're not to keen on paying again to play chess on another website) I would recommend www.gameknot.com. I like the lay-out better and you get to play in free tournaments. You'll also be restricted in your options, but less. Just my experience.

Best regards,


jrobi said...

Thanks for the comments Christian and Raf! I am really enjoying the site so far and looking forward to exploring all the teams and league features. I agree with you Raf that for people paying for other chess sites already the bills would quickly add up.