Monday, October 29, 2007

New Video: Evans Gambit Opening

This video takes a look at the Evans Gambit Opening, which scores a 55% win percentage vs. a 30% loss percentage in the online databases. It's a fun opening for white, and leads to some great positions if black does not play carefully. I also would like to welcome Christian to the blog, and give a shout out to Slats, our other contributer, who has posted some great discussion items and who also has a YouTube channel located here!


Slatts said...

I like it! I played like 6 games, but I didn't get to try this opening yet... :(

jrobi said...

I know how you're feeling, I have been trying to line up an online blitz and work the opening, and now that I am looking for it it's not coming. Murphey's Law at work here, because whenever I usually play Bishop out after knight in that line my opponents usually played out theirs right after.