Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How to use the Free Internet Chess Server with the Babass Graphical Client

I am re-posting this to help promote the Free Internet Chess Server, which is one of the best free chess servers available on the internet. I hope you find it useful if you have never tried the server!

Wednesday is almost over ... which means the weekend is soon upon us!


HeavyDluxe said...

I love BabasChess, but here's my question:

Is there a way to use BabasChess as an 'environment' for a free engine? That is, can I download shredder and actually use the BabasChess 'shell' to play a game against shredder?

Thanks, dluxe

jrobi said...

That's a very good question! I am not totally sure - I will check into it. You might want to hit up the babass site to see if there's some info there also. Thanks for the comment!