Sunday, October 28, 2007

A New Contributor Saying Hello!

JRobi has kindly invited me to contribute to this blog, and as a first exercise in blogging, I would like to post some links which might be of interest to you.

First, there are two chess live events happening at the moment, the Exhibition Rapid Chess Match between Peter Leko (Hungary, FIDE rating 2751) and Vasyl Ivanchuk (Ukraine, FIDE rating 2762), and the European Team Chess Championships 2007 in Crete, Greece. Both websites feature live broadcasts, but the games can also be observed on the FICS. Unfortunately for people in the New World, the games usually take place around 1300 GMT -- but what better way to start the day at 6am than having a steaming cup of morning coffee while watching some chess? ;)

Other than that, I'd be interested to hear whether any of you read other chess blogs that you would recommend. I stumbled upon Squirrel Chess and Confessions of a Chess Novice the other day, and both seem very much worth reading.

Last but not least, I was wondering if some of you are up for playing longer FICS games (30+ minutes) with post-mortem analysis in the chat? I find that people on FICS never discuss their games and tend to dislike long standard games, so I thought I'd drop my request here.




thunderhead27 said...

Nice to now have you join and help JROBI

jrobi said...

Welcome to the blog Christian! I am definitely looking forward to your posts and I am going to check out those links right now. I am also up for longer FICS matches too - so next time I am on the server and you're on fire me a message and if I have an hour here and there we can play some longer matches.

Slatts said...

Welcome! I look forward to your contributions!

Anonymous said...

I gave up no FICS for longer matches and joined ICC. It's very easy to find long matches there - worth the annual membership in my opinion.

OM said...

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