Saturday, September 29, 2007

My first chess video

My first youTube video. Hopefully it is interesting enough. I am working on the Sicilian defense, and although this is a somewhat unorthodox game in the Sicilian, I think it demonstrated some important themes that I will be discussing more in depth later.

Thanks for watching!


Christian said...

Very helpful video, well done! (Thanks also to jrobi -- this blog is exactly what I've been looking for; maybe I could contribute at some point? How do you make these videos -- do you simply film the screen?)

As for the position. I wonder whether the knight pin really is "no problem" if, instead of 12. d4, your opponent plays 12. Nxe5 Nxe5 13. Bxe5 Bxe5 14. f4 ...?

Majnu said...

Good game and good explanation of your thoughts!

jrobi said...

Great video Slatts! Looking forward to more. Good timing on D5, and nice work on the possible skewer and capitalizing on the queen pin.

jrobi said...

Absolutely Christian! You can contribute for general posts, and if you want to do videos I recommend using a PGN viewer coupled with windows media encoder, which is a free program from Microsoft that captures the screen movements and records audio. Send me an email to if you have any questions.

Slatts said...

Thanks for the comments and Christian, you are definately correct, he could have taken advantage of the pin and won a piece! I think I should have played d5 before taking the pawn there. Good catch!

Anonymous said...

This looks like the blitz games I play on the internet, usually ending with a blunder from me or my opponent =)
I like the video, you explain every move very well, you try to play with a plan and good logic, which a lot of the 'not so good' players on the internet don't. I was thinking on responding his move c4 with d4, instead of taking with your knight on e5. His black squared bishop would be locked up for a while, his d3 pawn would be weak and you'll win the e5 pawn later.

I'll visit your blog more, I can use all the teaching I can get =)