Monday, September 24, 2007

Chessmaster 10 Arrived

Took a number of weeks, but finally got it in. I will post a review in a week or so. Got it primarily for my son, so I will let him determine the overall quality, although there are a number of features that I am sure will help anyone, including myself. Can't argue much for $9.99 regardless.


Slatts said...

10 bucks! Can't beat that! I am excited to hear your review. Waitzkin is an excellent teacher and the endgame course is fantastic! Enjoy it! I still find it's database very helpful for going through games. I am going through some Kasparov sicilian games before I start posting on the book "how to play the sicilian" to make sure I am getting it...look for some posts on that soon!

jrobi said...

Sounds great Slatts! Looking forward to it.