Sunday, September 9, 2007

Chess Puzzle and New Contributer

First, I would like to welcome Slatts to the blog! He is planning on posting various things like puzzles and end-game analysis in the future, so stay tuned! If you would like to be a contributer to the blog, you will be more than welcomed! The more chess addicts we have here the better in my opinion! Simply email me at and introduce yourself and what you would like to do on the blog!

As for the puzzle, here is a game I had today on FICS. I was black playing a Sicilian Defence. It is black to move. What do you think was possible from this position?


Slatts said...

I think forced mate is possible from this!

Nice position!

UnorthodoxPlayer said...

1.Rb1+ Nxb1 2.Qd1# or 1.Rb1+ Rxb1 2.P=Q+ Nxb1 Then Qd1# as well