Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Most Powerful Knight

I ordered a book called How to Play the Sicilian from amazon, and I soon hope to have a review of it for everyone out there. Until then, I recently played a game that had a position that was somewhat beautiful. If not beautiful, it was at least interesting!

It's black to move. The move Nxd3+ should be immediately apparent. I don't know why white moved the king to b2 here, probably a case of time pressure and not expecting the knight check in the first place. But here you can see the absolute power of the Knight. A Knight can be interesting because when it attacks other non-Knight pieces the attack is never mutual. Here the Knight is forking every single kind of piece (other than another Knight) and they are all helpless against him!


jrobi said...

That would definitely be a nice fork! How is that book you are reading?

Slatts said...

Unfortunately the book is still in the mail, should be here tomorrow or friday. I will definately let you know how it is.

I generally play the sicilian these days. I tried the Scandinavian, but I really didn't like the positions I got out of it. Problem is, I don't know all the subtleties of the Sicilian and often get myself into a "race for the king" which I often am on the receiving end.

Slatts said...

^^Correction, I just got the book today and so far it is very helpful for me to understand positions and themes...I may do a post on each chapter instead of just a comprehensive book review.