Saturday, January 12, 2008

Voters Sound Off on Cheating

This week's poll asked if people believed they encountered cheating while playing chess online, and the results were as follows:

Never (15%)
On occassion (47%)
Fairly Often (26%)
Almost Always (10%)

This week's poll focuses on what constitutes cheating when playing chess online. For instance, some sites allow the use of engine opening books which can be 40+ moves deep. Other sites openly allow all computer help.

On the other hand, various sites and servers try to police any kind of computer assistance and ban users who are found to be doing these sorts of things. So in your opinion, what constitutes cheating in online play?


Romans5v8 said...

Anything other than simply using your own knowledge to play the game.

mq1982 said...

True. Though I have used opening books in correspondence on (this is allowed there) when playing variations I did not know. No computers, though.