Monday, January 21, 2008

Nigel Short defeats Ivan Cheparinov in Highly Anticipated Rematch

Nigel Short successfully defeated Ivan Cheparinov in their scheduled rematch today at the Corus Chess Tournament. This match was definitely the most talked about so far in the Corus Tournament, not because of the chess played but the media coverage of the initial incident where Cheparinov refused to shake the hand of Short.

It has been an interesting story to follow, and I am glad that it was settled over the board, which is how it should be. Both players shook hands at the beginning and at the end of the match.

Here is the PGN of the game played between the two today:

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mq1982 said...

I think Cheparinov got what he deserved. Whilst it is okay to be competitive and even dislike opponents unsportsman behaviour should not be allowed.

Short's comments were said away from the board and stand alone. When you bring disrepute to the board then punishment needs to be dealt.

I have no objection to these two, or any, exchanging words outside of live games, live games themselves need respecting.

I hope this behaviour is not going to be repeated although Cheparinov has already agreed not to shake Kramnick's hand - I believe that this should be examined and a null, zero points each, awarded to both players.