Sunday, January 20, 2008

Short - Cheparinov Video Clearly Shows Unsportsmanlike Behaviour

The video clearly shows Nigel Short offering his hand for a shake on two occassions to Ivan Cheparinov at the 2008 Corus Chess Tournament. Initally the match was declared a win for Short, as there was an assumption that FIDE rules prohibited such displays of unsportsmanlike conduct; however, it was later determined that such a rule did not exist as of yet so a rematch is set to take place. This match will undoubtabley be watched by many around the globe!


Naisortep said...

Short accused Topalov and his team (i.e. Cheparinov) of cheating at San Luis. So he is fully justified in not being 'sportsmanlike' to Short.

TJ said...

What if the accusation of cheating was justified?

jrobi said...

Completely unrelated to the event in question. I think even Cheparinov understood that given his letter of apology.

At the international level of competitive play there needs to be basic codes of conduct and sportsmanship. Much like in a NHL series between two teams that hate each other bitterly, they still all shake hands after the series comes to an end regardless of the trash talk and feelings leading up to the match.