Monday, February 15, 2010

Sicilian Defence Dragon Variation - Yugoslav Attack: New Annotated Chess Opening with Computer Practice on

I have added an annotated opening for the Sicilian Defence Dragon Variation with computer practice and Grandmaster examples on the main site at

One of Great Britain's strongest grandmasters John Emms notes that "I can safely say that the Yugoslav Attack is the ultimate test of the Dragon. White quickly develops his queenside and castles long before turning his attentions to an all-out assault on the black king. To the untrained eye, this attack can look both awesome and unnerving"

That being said, black has more than enough tools within the Dragon lines to equalize and have solid winning chances. As always, all resources and training materials on are free for everyone to use to improve their game. You can find the new opening practice and exploration for the Yugoslav attack in the "Chess Opening Study with Computer Practice" section of my site.

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Kalin said...

I have some free analysis at, including Dragon, you can link them if you like them.