Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chess Snapshot Analysis 2 - Can you find any improvements?

Here's an unrated game I played as white against the 2. ... E6 Sicilian. What improvements could black have made (or white)?

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Ssahr said...

At first nice game jrobi.
It would be time to comment another game on youtube to show the progresses you´ve made since the last rated game reviews.
I think the faults of black have been that he didn´t play for any counterplay and exchanging bishops would not be in his interest.

Anonymous said...

Black were playing an absolute stupidity:
first, moving a knight twice in the opening, second, castling to early, third giving up all of his defence pieces just for nothing, fourth, a stupid "attacking" move with queen which threatens nothing.
Well done Jrobi, but the game is not beautiful at all. I don't like people making stupid mistakes, it is just not interesting.