Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hosting Software for Correspondence Chess Server

If you have any information of a good server-side correspondence chess package please link the information here.


Anonymous said...

Chess against real people on jrobichess.com would be AWESOME!

Dave said...


Thanks jrobi for a great internet site. If I understod your question right your looking for a free online chess for corespondence chess. I've been playing CC on chesshere.com and that works great. with analasys board, email notifications, lots of options, game types, and other. Unlimited number of games and for free. Also good for Realtime chess, but then you only get five games a day unless you sign up to pay (wich is good in my case, because im an adict so it helps me know when it is enough for the day).

jrobi said...

Thanks Dave I will definitely check it out! I am also interested in hosting my own chess server off of my main site for myself and interested people to hook up for games on the fly. If you know of something (or someone!) that can help with that I would appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Try also GameKnot