Thursday, June 11, 2009

Composite Material Concerns in Large Airliners - Air France Crash Connection?

Given the recent Airbus crash in the Atlantic Ocean, a lot of questions are being raised as to what could have brought it down. Issues with the Airbus rudders are raised in this video, posted back in 2007. Boeing plans on releasing the "Dreamliner" soon which has the highest percentage of composite materials in history for such a large aircraft.

While no one knows what happened yet in the Airbus crash (hopefully the black boxes will be recovered) there are very serious questions as to the reliability of high percentages of composite materials in large commercial airliners. Divers recovered a huge part of the rudder, which has caused some to speculate that it came off in the air. Generally, if a plane impacts intact, the materials are literally "crushed" due to the force, but with the rudder being in relatively good condition, it has caused some to speculate that it came down by itself. Food for thought for sure.

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