Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Endgame Study with Computer Practice on

I have added a new section to the main site at that allows you to practice a number of staple endgame positions, along with some extras, with the computer as your opponent. Whether your new to endgame study or just want to get back to basics because you're in a slump, this should help quite a bit.


Michael Quigley said...

This is a great resource.

Thanks for putting this together J, I'll certainly be using it for practice when I get a spare 10 minutes on my computer!

Michael Quigley

Anonymous said...

If you have a chess program for your PC, it's fairly easy to create your own endgame exercises. I use the Shredder endgame database at

Just put down a few pieces on the board (up to a max of 6) and rearrange them until it says 'Win in xxx'. Then copy the position into your chess program (copy/paste FEN code works fastest), and practice.