Sunday, January 4, 2009

Chess Forums on

Added some forums to the main page of My primary goal with them is to have a place to discuss chess in a simple more research/thought based format. Here are the forum categories and thoughts behind them:

Chess Chat – General discussion on various chess items or other things you find interesting in the moment.

Chess Openings – Just to keep things a bit organized, openings can be discussed in detail here. I am picturing people's perspectives, thoughts, pet moves, etc.

Chess Annotations – This is the big one for me. A place to share annotated PGN's for discussion and feedback and training purposes. The problem with annotated PGN's is that some software's create their own "code" in the PGN file, making it useless to standard viewers. I recommend ChessPad (from the resources section of the main page) for a very basic standard PGN creator that places comments and symbols in a universal way without the fluff. This will allow anyone checking your annotations to plug it into whatever viewer they want to browse through your work.

Chess Training Journals - A forum to create a training journal to post updates on what you're working on, how you're doing it, your experiences with what you're doing, etc. These would be posted to share and get feedback/support from other people passionate about the game.

Chess Tactics and Puzzles – With the Online Chess Diagram Generator from the main page of (under the resources section) making quality chess images is a snap, and you can include things like titles, arrows, circles, etc. It creates a link for you which you can either embed in the forums for discussion or download to your computer. The forums will let you place any online chess picture into them, so if you find one that you didn't make but want to share the position, you can do it that way too.


Michael Quigley said...

Great to see the blog getting back on track and best of all a return of the forums. Lets hope they don't get atacked again.

All the best for the new year J.


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