Saturday, September 27, 2008

World Chess Championship: Anand and Kramnik will battle for the highest chess title soon

When: From October 14 – November 02, 2008
Where: Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bonn
Overall Prize fund: 1,5 Million Euro
Patron: German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrück
Main sponsors: Evonik Industries and Gazprom

To date Viswanathan Anand holds an estimated score of 19 to 15 against Vladimir Kramnik, with 93 draws. With Anand's questionable performance at the recent Bilbao 2008 tournament (an event that boasted the highest ELO average rating in the history of chess) it should be interesting to see if he can hold back the charge of Kramnik who has no doubt been preparing for this match for quite some time.


Anonymous said...

Anand is probably feeling pretty strained after that poor showing in Bilbao - some world champion. Kramnik is gonna be a powerhouse!

ZBoSoN said...

This will be interesting!