Sunday, September 21, 2008

Book Review: "Chess Rumble" by G. Neri with artwork by Jesse Joshua Watson

In our world today, it is common for kids to be assaulted by a variety of negative influences. From video game addictions, violent and heartless media, broken families, gangs and drugs, understanding the walk of youth these days is more difficult than ever before in our society’s history. The worst thing about this current state of affairs, however, is that the older generations quite often ignore what today’s youth go through because they don’t understand it, or they choose to ignore it hoping that it will “go away”. In many instances, this leaves our kids feeling isolated and left alone, further hurting their chances at a vibrant and meaningful life.

Enter the book “Chess Rumble” by G. Neri and Jesse Joshua Watson – a story that lets the reader walk alongside a troubled boy facing many of the curveballs that society throws at him. From a broken single-parent home, the main character experiences family violence, rage and anger, bullying, and depression. On the brink of sinking to the depths of a criminal mindset, the story’s main character goes through what so many of our youth deal with all the time. These negative forces almost pull him to the point of no return. What helps him work his way out of these massive challenges, you might be asking? Chess, mentorship, and love – and if you want to know how this all works out you will have to pick up the book and read the story!

If you’re looking for a book to get youth excited about chess, or a story that helps the older generations understand the struggle and adversity that today’s youth face, look no further – “Chess Rumble” by G. Neri and Jesse Joshua Watson is a must have story of the struggle and adversity that our youth face on a daily basis, and how chess, compassion, and mentorship can improve not only the way we think but the way we live.

Chess Rumble
ISBN-10: 1584302798
ISBN-13: 978-1584302797
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