Saturday, April 19, 2008

Revamping Site Components and a Thank You!

I have had some free time recently to do some changes and updates to and have replaced the forums tab with a reviews tab. I plan on doing reviews of things related to chess that I come across in my chess pursuits. I am also thinking of things to do differently on the very first page of the site. Any suggestions or recommendations are always welcome, and you can either post here or email me at

I also want to take this time to thank all of my YouTube subscribers around the world for your comments and feedback that you have left on the videos since the very beginning. This week I surpassed 1000 subscribers on YouTube, and I want to thank everyone for their support, help, and friendships!

I can still remember beginning my journey into the world of chess and YouTube back in the summer of 2007. My son and I had just watched "Searching for Bobby Fischer" and his interest in the game helped to introduce me to all that chess has to offer. When I started playing, I began vlogging my chess experiences on YouTube. At the time I thought it would be a great way to meet people who shared my passion for the game, and have good discussions around what to focus on and how to improve. As a side benefit, making the decision to vlog about my chess pursuits on YouTube also turned out to be a great motivational factor for staying focused on what I was studying!

The decision to produce videos for YouTube, in retrospect, was the most beneficial decision I made when it came to my personal journey into the world of chess. The feedback and comments from subscribers has helped me greatly from day one, and still continues to do so in so many ways. More importantly, just getting to know many more people who share a great love for the game of chess has been very rewarding! I appreciate all the friendships that have resulted from getting to know many of you, and I want to sincerely thank everyone for the entire experience so far, and for the experiences yet to come!

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