Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Book: Chess Fundamentals (A Warning)

I purchased a book recently, Chess Fundamentals by Jose Capablanca (ISBN 1857440730) and I wanted to share the experience here because there was a little bit of a dance I had to take to find the best version of the book, and I want to pass what I found on to you just in case you are interested in buying it.

First of all, it's a highly recommended book, but the problem lies in the different versions available. What kind of problems, you ask? Well, before I buy any chess book I research it as much as possible. When I looked into the history and reviews of the various editions of this chess masterpiece, I found that the most recent version published in 2007 by Random House (with editing and updating by Nick De Firmian) was absolute garbage according to many reviews.

The most scathing review of the butchering of Capablanca's timeless chess classic can be found here and I highly recommend you take a look.

The edition I purchased was printed by Everyman Chess in 1994, and it simply updates Capablanca's work to Algebraic, and maintains his timeless views, lessons, and the games he wanted to use to highlight all of his points. So if you're looking to add this book to your collection, or if you bought the 2007 version which was modified almost beyond recognition, definitely grab the 1994 version to add to your library.


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