Friday, July 30, 2010

Chess Snapshot Analysis #5 - Can you spot any improvements?

There are improvements on both sides, can you find them?

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steve said...

10. Nc3 left the B on d3 hanging.
no matter black didn't pick it off - counter blunder.
11. B-b5 was probably a "whoopsie, what did I just do" reaction.
11.R-d1 I think might have been better
If 11. ... B-d7 or 11. ... Q-e8 12. B-b5.
12. Bxc6 makes no sense. Probably "well I'm here and didn't lose the B" sort of 'emotional give back'.
13. ... cxb6 sort of violates the "capture toward the center" rule.
However, black plans to post the Q on the diagonal b1-h2 and not be tormented by rooks on d1.
14. ... Q-b8 - hmm, avoids Q-c7 followed by N-b5, but getting the R's connected might have been as good a result.
15. Nb5 a popular square- but effectless. Maybe Q e6 off the top of my head hits the B and the Kp.
Also woukld have prevented ... N-g4 after ... Bxf3 . gxf3 granted the kingside gets messed up, but very survivable (imho).
16. h3 yet another knee jerk move, but what else is their? I see nothing good.
16. ... Bxf3 is devastating.
game over even after 17. hxg4 Bxd1 18. Qxd1 and black is up in all dimensions time, space, material and position.