Saturday, May 8, 2010

Chess Snapshot Analysis 4 - Can you find any improvements?

A recent blitz game with the white pieces. Can you find improvements for either side?

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Christian said...

8.Bxb2 winning the rook
10.Bb5+? Bd2 looks better
14.Be3? Activating rooks is better
15.f3? Activating rooks or f4

16, 17.. Getting a pawn to a5 and a knight to b6 could have been a plan

You're endgame was pretty alright. Promoting the b pawn and sacing the g pawn was definitely the best plan

Christian said...

And I don't know about this d5 move, sure, you're attacking the knight, but you're giving him the e5 square and a beautiful diagonal for the bishop.