Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chess Snapshot Analysis 3 - Can you find any improvements?

There are improvements on both sides, can you find them?

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jimmy_hc said...

5 ... a6

GĂ­sli said...

Totally agree. 5 ...a6

m4rk said...

Good call on 5..a6 and black eventually plays this but as 12..a6 when it accomplishes much less and too late. White is already focusing on king side activity and has no interest in attacking the rook on h8.

In fact, Black's whole queen side attack just helps White develop. Although White failed to capitalize on 11. Nxe6 after White's light square bishop removes the e6 defender on d7 by forcing it to recapture.

Cool post. When do we get our next chess video? I'm already salivating over here...

Mercadologo said...

I would have to say 11. Nxb6 was the most blatant.

Interesting game,