Friday, December 18, 2009

New Chess Opening: The Pincer Attack

This is a live blitz video of a chess opening I have been working on that I call the Pincer Attack. It's similar to the Hippo Defence from black, but fundamentally different with the extra tempo that white enjoys with the first move from the game. My goal is to have my YouTube subscribers try it out and send in their games to from which I will begin to compile a human database of the opening. I have bench marked the position with Rybka vs. Rybka and the structure yields a very equal position.

While the opening does not strive for an initial advantage, by creating this structure black will have to play very carefully to work towards maintaining that equality. White has a lot of tools at its disposal to launch a flank attack while maintaining a solid hold of its purposefully small center. The positions that arise have been fun to play so far, so I am excited to continue looking into the possibilities.

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