Monday, July 13, 2009

jrobichess on Blip.FM

It's no secret that I really enjoy music (pretty much of all kinds) so when I found out about Blip.FM I was all over it. Basically what the website lets you do is listen to your favorite songs, create a playlist, and share them with your friends who can just listen to them all from your personal page on Blip.FM. In other words, you basically can DJ whatever you want and have people share your music with you from wherever they are provided they have internet access. It also has integration into twitter which is nice.

If you check out my page there, you will notice a pretty big variety in musical taste - I don't concern myself with labels, I just go with what sounds good to me. If you sign up there (it's free of course) let me know so I can check out your tunes.

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