Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ottawa Chess-in-the-street 2009

Chess-in-the-Street is an outdoor chess event that takes the game of chess from the parlour to the street. Chess-in-the-Street will have numerous activities appealing to everyone: from kids to adults and from those who have never played before to the seasoned tournament player. With each game you play, your name will be entered in a draw for prizes. Chess-in-the-Street will also have GIANTCHESS!, a giant-sized chess board on the street. There will be a Simultaneous Chess Competition in the afternoon each day, featuring a Chessmaster who will battle 15 simultaneous chess opponents.

Chess-in-the-Street is an outdoor chess event, and will be held as part of Ottawa's biggest street festival WESTFEST, on Saturday and Sunday, June 13th and 14th, 2009.

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Royal said...

Wow, I've never heard of such a big outdoor chess event. Is Ottawa a big chess city in general?

Anton Georgiev said...

I hope it will become one!

There are 7-8 good tournaments every year.
Are you good at chess?