Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Chess Video: Legends of Chess #1: Boris Gulko

This video series focuses on legendary players (both past and present) from the world of chess. The first video in this series talks about Grandmaster Boris Gulko, one of the very few people in the world that holds a positive score against one of the greatest chess champions of all time, Gary Kasparov.

Aside from chess, Boris Gulko has led an extremely interesting life! He won the USSR Chess Championships in 1977. Sadly, as an avid anti-communist living in the USSR, his chess career was put on hold when both Boris and his wife were banned from competitive play due to their political beliefs. During this time he was also arrested and beaten by KGB agents for his political views.

Finally, in 1986, he was allowed to leave Russia and moved to the United States of America. Amazingly, he then went on to win the United States Chess Championship, so along with all of his other trials and successes, he is the only person in history to ever win both the USSR and USA chess championships.

A political activist, a brilliant chess player, and an overall amazing human being, this video takes a look at Grandmaster Boris Gulko, one of the living legends of the Chess world.

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