Saturday, June 14, 2008

Immortal Mates, Part II

Think you remember the immortal mates from our last segment? Test yourself! Which of the following positions features Anastasia's, Anderssen's and the Arabian mate? (White to move in each case, solution at the end of the post)

Today, the letter "b", and here we shall look at Blackburne's and Boden's mate. Joseph Henry Blackburne (1841–1924) earned himself the nickname "The Black Death" (can you think of a more badass name for a chess player?). The ingredients of Blackburne's mate are, as usual, an obstructed king, a knight and a bishop phalanx.

The English appear to be the champions of bishop mates! Samuel Standidge Boden (1826–1882), a contemporary of Blackburne, lends his name to another nasty bishop mate, preferably used against careless queen-side castlers. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce, Boden's mate:

Once again, a jolly good mating to you!

(Solution to the quiz: 1. Qxh7 leads to Anderssen's mate / 2. Rf8# and we have ourselves an Arabian mate / 3. Qxa7+ sets up Anastasia's mate Ra3#)


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Excellent posts Christian!

mq1982 said...

Blackburne is one of the local chess players from where I live. A heavy drinker and fighter (even at tournaments!) his biography is a good read.

A simple google search will bring many short bios on him.

I like that fact that he use to go through a bottle of whiskey when performing simultaneous matches :-)