Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Rainy Sunday!

Well, it's raining where I live, and a little cold. Definitely not anything compared to the massive heat that is sweeping through parts of the US, so you guys have my prayers who are there. Hopefully it will break soon.

I have had a couple people recommend Fritz X to me from YouTube, and am considering getting that. There's so much stuff I would like to get to help with chess, the list keeps building up. I got a copy of Chessmaster 10 coming soon in the mail, and I think Fritz would be a good purchase. I am also interested in getting ChessBase Lite Premium, but depending on the functionality of Fritz X I might not need to.

Books are a completely different matter - there's so many out there it's hard to know which ones are worth getting! I am going to start compiling a list from the chess forums I frequent, and I will share that list when I get it together. If you know of any "must buy" books please don't hesitate to post a comment here.


Slatts said...

I'm sure you will like Chessmaster. I want to get Fritz also, it is, as far as I can gather, the most powerful chess analytical program used by even grandmasters to work through positions in later analysis. I sometimes go through amazon to see what chess books I can buy used cheap. Suprisingly there aren't many!

jrobi said...

Tell me about it ... I went to a chapters in a city nearby and the lowest price for a chess book was around 25 dollars, and it was one of those idiot books. The good books were upwards of $30-40 dollars.

jrobi said...

Forgot to mention, of the "good book" variety there was 2. =)

Slatts said...

The one I suggested in the other post is good. It won't teach much theory, only tactics, but there is SO much theory to learn from videos on youtube. I would like some books, but my library has only "beginners" books (kinda like what you saw)...have you checked your local libraries?